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Due Date: 2026-03-17T21:00:00.000Z
To empower people to adopt solar power where it hasn’t been economically practical in the past. Installing solar can be expensive for a homeowner due to costs of equipment, installation, and marketing costs in a competitive industry. By making solar more affordable for low-energy-footprint homeowners and for nonprofits, SunWork puts solar power within more people’s reach. Our volunteers are what makes SunWork work. And due to our nonprofit model, we don’t mark up equipment nor do we have many marketing costs. The heart of our mission is to give environmentally-concerned people a way to do something to make a difference. Homeowners and nonprofits can go solar and do so more affordably with faster payback periods. Volunteers help by contributing to a worthwhile cause which helps their community and the environment in general. SunWork is pushing to change the shape of our energy landscape, and to change the feeling that the environmental problems humankind faces are too big to be within the ability of individuals to meaningfully impact. SunWork’s volunteer program is an essential component of our business model. By sharing their time, enthusiasm, and passion for the environment, volunteers play a major role in making renewable energy possible for nonprofit organizations and low-energy-use homeowners. SunWork volunteers participate in an orientation session training them in the basics of solar, electricity, and construction safety. On site, volunteers work together with SunWork’s professional staff, attaching racking, running conduit, hanging inverters, and mounting the solar panels – everything that makes a system tick. If you want to apply as a volunteer, please, go to page Our website is, email is, contact phone is (650) 520-9918

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