Clean Karma
Our values
No price, no fee
All goods and services are provided at no price or fee. There is no request for any money (or anything else) in exchange for the services offered. The offering is made out of generosity. Goods and services are priceless. It is bad to calculate the exact value of benefits you receive or keep an obsessive log of how we do with business finances.
Universal helping to pay it forward
Instead of a request for money (or anything else), all recipients are offered to voluntary help someone else. This is an opportunity to "pay it forward," to allow the provider to continue to offer their service to others. It is not always two individuals giving back and forth. Instead, help is generalized to a whole community where you may provide to people who have not helped directly to you. It creates a kind of "positive debt," where two people or groups are now tied to one another - one party will always owe the other something. So it's a purposeful way of entwining lives and communities together.
Helping in response to a need
The motivation for helping is to help meet the needs of the recipient. Therefore, information about the magnitude of the need is helpful for prospective helpers to inform their decision about the importance of their help. It motivates helpers' desire to support others.
Helping in proportion to one's ability
The participants in a help system are invited to offer help in proportion to their ability to help. Everyone is invited to help if they are able. No barriers to participation, everyone is included. Those with greater ability are invited to offer more significant contributions.