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No price, no fee

All goods and services provided at no price or fee. There is no request for any money (or anything else) in exchange for the services provided. The offering is made out of generosity.

Universal helping

Instead of a request for money (or anything else), all recipients are offered to voluntary help someone else. It is not always two individuals giving back and forth. Instead, help is generalized to a whole community.

Helping in response to need

The motivation for helping is to help meet the needs of the recipient. So, information about the magnitude of the need is helpful for prospective helpers to inform their decision about the importance of their help.

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I wanted to bring my paintings to another neighborhood for a photo shoot. The paintings are large, and I couldn"t do it myself. So I posted a help request on Clean Karma. Few people responded. It worked well, and we did everything together in a few hours. I"m very grateful. Many people are ready to help.

Anna, Marina Del Rey, CA
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We can do more together!

I wanted to do a DIY project - build a gas fire pit with a concrete countertop on my patio. I made the countertop, but it ended up being too heavy and I couldn"t lift it by myself to move to the place. So I created a help request on Clean Karma and shared it on my FB page. A few days later, I got responses from people who helped me finish my project. I"m so happy. I would not be able to finish it without your help. Thanks a lot!

Daniel, Torrance, CA
Make friends
Make friends

I just moved from New York to California and wanted to make new friends. I came to Clean Karma and found a help request from a local artist who needed help to move her paintings for a photoshoot. I sent her a message, and the next day, I helped her do the job. We became friends and now spending a lot of time together doing things that we both love.

Melissa, Anaheim, CA
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