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Wise and Healthy Aging

Due Date: 2026-01-20T21:00:00.000Z
We serves Los Angeles County's older adults, and their caregivers to provide an array of services that include transportation and mobility programs, an adult day services program, financial and legal counseling. WISE & Healthy Aging accomplishes much of what we do with the support of volunteers who contribute so generously of their time and talents each year. Our volunteers serve in a variety of roles, with unique opportunities depending on the skills and/or time commitment required. Volunteer opportunities range from serving as a tutor in our Intergenerational Tutoring Program in elementary schools across Los Angeles to serving as a peer counselor and providing peer-to-peer support. We also have volunteer instructors who teach courses in our Club WISE Program, or serve as advocates in our Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program. Some also volunteer in our AARP Tax-Aide Program, help serve healthy lunches in our WISE Diner Program, or volunteer in our adult day care program. For more information, or to get the date of our next Volunteer Orientation session, please call: (310) 394-9871, or email us at You can contact us: our website is, our email is, phone is (310) 394-9871

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