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Laughing Pony Rescue

Due Date: 2026-06-23T21:00:00.000Z
We are an active horse rescue organization that saves horses not only from abusive owners but from being sent to slaughterhouses. Horses come to us in need and we help restore them to health both physically and mentally. Positive human connection is a very important part of this restoration process. Laughing Pony Rescue is looking for dedicated volunteers to help with caring for our rescue horses. We are short of volunteers right now and could use people every day of the week for either the morning or afternoon shift. The basic chores include: feeding cleaning grooming exercising/riding the horses (option only for reliable longterm volunteers at morning shift) helping with therapeutic and beginners lessons enjoying the companionship of like-minded people and, of course, the horses! What is in it for you? You will... learn (more) about horses and how to care for them work with a team of passionate horse loving people of all ages and of course get a lot of fresh air and a nice farmers tan! This schedule is subject to change depending on the time of year and other conditions: The morning routine starts at 7:45 and lasts about until around 1:00 (feeding, mucking, grooming, exercising and lessons). The afternoon routine starts at 2:30 and usually ends around 5:00 (feeding, mucking, routine medical care). Horse experience would be great but is not required as long as you are willing to learn. We are willing to teach! Our website is, contact email is, contact phone is 858.759.9039

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