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Omni Youth Programs

Due Date: 2026-05-01T21:00:00.000Z
Create strong families, develop youth leaders, and engage the community to cultivate a lifestyle free of alcohol, drugs, violence and other risky behavior. Volunteer duties include: Translate written and oral content for our programs. Data entry, writing and/or typing correspondence, coordinating meetings, filing, aide in volunteer recruitment, reproducing materials, and take and make phone calls. Help plan fundraising and community events for agency. Make phone calls, seek donors, solicit donations for the raffle, manage mailing lists, register vendors, distribute press releases, announcements and flyers in-person, by mail and email. Provide support in the collection, collating, data entry and analysis of evaluation data. HOW TO APPLY Contact Jayna Mislang at or 916-362-2000 ext 15. Our website is, contact email is, contact phone is 916-362-2000 ext 15

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