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We are dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the Cache Creek watershed in Northern California. It is also part of our mandate to educate the public and students about conservation and the environment. The focus of the Conservancy’s work has been riparian restoration along a fourteen mile stretch of the Lower Cache Creek. We operate from and manage the Jan T. Lowrey Cache Creek Nature Preserve, which is often called the ‘Cache Creek Nature Preserve'. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES When you volunteer with the Cache Creek Conservancy you share in the benefits of volunteering: reduced stress, finding friends, helping the community, and learning new skills. Volunteering also helps protect your mental and physical health. Choose from the following list or let us know how you would like to help! ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION - NATURE STEWARD Volunteers assist with environmental education virtual or in-person field trips for elementary students or outreach events for people of all ages. Lead an activity station or guide a nature hike! CACHE CREEK NATURE PRESERVE TOURS Guide visitors through different habitat types while engaging in conversation about ecosystem processes, plant communities, and native flora and fauna. TRAIL TEAM MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR Be part of a team that helps to maintain and improve Cache Creek Nature Preserve trails. This is a great way for groups or co-workers to help the greater Yolo County community. Most needed in the spring and early summer. RESTORATION AND GARDENING - CONSERVATIONIST You can help restore Cache Creek by volunteering at Conservancy restoration sites throughout the watershed during community planting days typically held in the fall and spring. If you'd prefer a more regular schedule, there are opportunities with the Memorial Grove, Tending and Gathering Garden, or small nursery. BIRD BOX MONITORING Who could resist baby barn owls, wood ducks or tree swallows? Volunteers assist with monitoring and maintenance of bird boxes at the Nature Preserve. You could also monitor bird populations from egg to fledgling! This volunteer position is seasonal, starting in spring going into summer. MEDIA AND EVENTS If you love to tell stories or plan parties, the Conservancy has opportunities for you! Showcase your artistic talents by crafting interpretive displays, creating social media content, or writing press releases. BUILDING MAINTENANCE The Cache Creek Conservancy also maintains historic equipment, historic buildings, and not-so-historic buildings. If your skill set is more construction or minor repair focused, your assistance is most welcome! If you want to apply as a volunteer, please, go to page Our website is, contact email is, contact phone is (530) 661-1070

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