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Self Sustaining Communities

Due Date: 2026-02-26T21:00:00.000Z
We works with low-income residents and community members to create wide-scale, environmentally sustainable local food production in distressed and needy neighborhoods. As entirely volunteer organization, our organization has helped launch three urban farms in low income, high crime areas of Richmond since 2010—Parchester Village, North Richmond, and the S.W. Richmond Annex. These projects have engaged a wide spectrum of the community, from the mayor to recently released offenders, in a “from-the-ground-up process” to reclaim and rejuvenate abandoned and blighted parcels and make them hubs of productivity. Self-Sustaining Communities is an all volunteer organization. We frequently have additional volunteers from local businesses, service organizations, court appointed community service workers, and other groups. Directly schedule volunteer opportunities at Happy Lot Farm & Garden with Andromeda Brooks (510) 708-1706(510) 708-1706, Directly volunteer at the Richmond Annex urban farm site at Colusa and San Joaquin Avenues in Richmond by contacting Our website is, contact email is, contact phone is 510-230-5100

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