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Marine Science Institute

Due Date: 2025-12-05T21:00:00.000Z
Our success is bringing science and environmental education to the Bay Area. The Marine Science Institute provides engaging and interactive hands-on adventures with San Francisco Bay Area marine life. Led by a team of expert marine science educators, these experiences impact students of all ages, inspiring respect and stewardship for the marine environment. Field trips and mobile programs The Marine Science Institute provides a scientific experience built on California standards-based activities and a memorable voyage into nature for students of all economic backgrounds. The Marine Science Institute puts students ages pre-K to College, in physical contact with the SF Bay and coast environments to help cultivate their natural sense of curiosity, enrich their understanding of science, and foster a responsibility to protect the environment. Volunteers make each day brighter Volunteers can get involved with MSI in several ways, including helping kids discover science or facilitating arts and crafts activities at marine camp, maintaining the aquarium tanks at MSI’s facility, or even just by helping with tasks in the MSI office. Corporate groups and individuals are welcome to help give back to the community while learning more about the marine environment. ​Aquarium Assistant Primary Responsibilities: Daily food prep and feeding Exhibit cleaning Record keeping Animal health observation Water quality monitoring Collection expeditions Animal inventories Filter maintenance procedures Afternoon Ecology Assistant Primary Responsibilities: Assist instructor in the many facets of running a successful program Setting up and breaking down stations Monitor and maintain animal touching and safety during program Participating in arts and crafts Read stories Play games Supplies clean-up General classroom management Social Media and Marketing Intern Primary Responsibilities: Creating campaigns to help promote MSI's programs Content creation for multiple platforms (Imagery, videos, text) Constant Contact for email campaigns Creation and scheduling of promotional efforts Hammerhead Building Team Primary Responsibilities Volunteers will work directly with our Facilities Engineer to select, plan, and carry out any necessary projects. Some projects may be conducted entirely by volunteers after the initial planning phase with our Engineer. Most projects are carried out Monday through Thursday, and occasionally weekends. Projects may include but are not limited to: building wood lockers, storage boxes, display cases, rough window installation, re-plumbing of aquarium life support systems, wood deck and fence repair, construction of wooden shade structures, construction of barn doors or gates, installation of artificial lawn, concrete pouring, etc. To apply these positions please email Our website is, contact phone is 650-364-2760

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