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Due Date: 2025-09-05T21:00:00.000Z
To build an informed and engaged community committed to finding sustainable solutions to alleviate hunger, reclaim and re-purpose waste and promote the health and well- being of all. In San Diego county, 1 in 3 people struggle with hunger on a daily basis and 10% of the total population lacks consistent access to nourishing, fresh food. On average, 40% of fresh produce is plowed under, rots or goes to waste each year. By harvesting the extra bounty of San Diego county and delivering to those in need, we are solving the problem of hunger and waste in one sweet step. Help us recover unwanted fruits and vegetables in order to feed the 1 in 3 people of San Diego County who do not know where their next meal is coming from. Join other volunteers of all ages, abilities and beliefs to collect unsold produce at farmers markets or harvest fruit or veggies in backyard orchards or small farms–together we will solve the problem of hunger and waste in one sweet step. All programs take place at sites in SD County. Volunteers must have reliable transportation unless they live within the environs of one of our event sites. We operate every Sunday at Hillcrest and Leucadia Farmers Markets; Monday-Friday mornings for our CropSwap/Quick Picks and occasional Sunday mornings for our large group Big Picks. If you want to apply as a volunteer, please, go to page Our website is, email is, contact phone is 760-492-3467

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