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Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation

Due Date: 2025-08-20T21:00:00.000Z
We are dedicated to ensuring that the entities that care for the health and wellness of our community are supported in their missions. Whether it is the hospital needing diagnostic equipment, the fire department needing new pagers or a mass vaccination clinic needing volunteers, MCHFoundation provides the real world support to fulfill these very real needs. As the largest volunteer group on the Mendocino Coast, the MCHFoundation Volunteers provide a direct connection to our community. It is these volunteers, dedicated to our shared mission, that provide the human element in what is an essential role in a community caring for itself. It is due to the generous support of our local and global community, that MCHFoundation has been able to provide over $9.8M in direct grants. The dedication and commitment of the MCHFoundation Board, our Executive Director, the MCHFoundation Team and Volunteers, that we are able to improve the lives of our community and it’s visitors. Volunteer with MCHFoundation MCHFoundation is the largest volunteer group on the Mendocino coast and we welcome you to be part of our growing team! Please complete the form on the page and we will reach out to learn more about you, your skills and interests and discuss ways you can help us in our mission. We deeply appreciate your interest. Our website is, contact email is, contact phone is 707-961-4688

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