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Fresh Approach

Due Date: 2025-11-27T21:00:00.000Z
To create long-term change in local food systems, by connecting California communities with healthy food from California farmers and expanding knowledge about food and nutrition. Our programs empower families to make sustainable lifestyle changes by expanding their nutrition, cooking, and gardening skills, and by boosting their access to local, affordable produce. Local farms benefit, too, as our programs make it possible for small farms to sell in communities that would otherwise lack access to their products, while helping farmers diversify their sales through guaranteed weekly orders. This grassroots community empowerment has a ripple effect that supports small family farms, promotes sustainability and responsible stewardship in agriculture, breaks down systemic barriers, and strengthens the local economy - all while growing community interest in healthy eating. Help make healthy food more accessible in the San Francisco Bay Area as a Fresh Approach volunteer! Volunteers play a major role in the success of our programs. Sign up today and help with VeggieRx nutrition and cooking classes, support the Mobile Farmers’ Market, work in the Collective Roots Community Garden, and more! If you want to apply as a volunteer, please, go to page Our website is, email is, contact phone is 925-771-2990

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