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Pickup Baseball Foundation

Due Date: 2025-07-04T21:00:00.000Z
To provide inclusive access to the game of baseball to as many people as possible. We specifically aim to provide a free drop-in service to participants, to implement a welcoming, healthy, and safe baseball environment, and to provide wraparound trauma-informed support through mentorship, a social group atmosphere for spectators and players, opportunity for employment, and food. Volunteer with Pickup Baseball Foundation and help more people access free baseball! We need people to: Live-tweet our games on Sundays Take photos and videos at our meetups Reach out to potential sponsors/funders like local sporting goods stores, corporate foundations, and private philanthropy Write grant proposals Facilitate and administer programs Get in touch at for more info on how you can volunteer with us. If you want to apply as a volunteer, please, go to page Our website is, email is, contact phone is 800-381-0815

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