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Big Sur Land Trust (BSLT)

Due Date: 2026-01-30T21:00:00.000Z
To inspire love of land across generations, conservation of our unique Monterey County landscapes, and access to outdoor experiences for all. We see a future where natural landscapes, working lands, urban open spaces and healthy communities are cared for by people who share a love of nature and a deep appreciation for the richness of their diverse cultures. Volunteer Roles at Big Sur Land Trust Big Sur Land Trust's volunteer program is based on flexibility and inclusivity. Defined volunteer roles help to ensure volunteer safety, clarify expectations, and enable the ‘best fit’ for you and your desired role. Each of the volunteer roles at Big Sur Land Trust comes with a unique set of defined attributes, including responsibilities and scope, qualifications/requirements, goals, and commitment expectations. By identifying a diverse set of defined roles, we both attract and support the extensive community necessary for a healthy volunteer program supportive of Big Sur Land Trust’s mission and vision. ▸EDUCATOR/SPEAKER Suggest and present topics for presentation at Big Sur Land Trust virtual events, guided hikes, and other in-person events, helping our staff, volunteers, and constituency gain insight and knowledge about topics related to the work of Big Sur Land Trust, the communities we serve, and the lands we conserve. ▸HIKE LEADER Lead guided hikes and educate participants about the natural landscape the hike covers and the history of the property. ▸HISTORIAN/ARCHIVIST Ensure that Big Sur Land Trust history is not merely preserved, but preserved so that it is an active part of our future storytelling. This position affords a unique opportunity for the right individual to use their archivist skills, appreciation of history, and attention to detail to help shape Big Sur Land Trust past, present, and future. ▸OFFICE ASSISTANT Assist with general office needs, ranging from preparing mailings to printing and photocopying documents. The work of the office assistant is sporadic and often seasonal, providing staff support at times when staff need it most. ▸PHOTOGRAPHER/VIDEOGRAPHER Capture the drama and beauty of Big Sur Land Trust landscapes and the activities of our staff, volunteers, and visitors. Through the lens of the photographer/videographer, our staff, board, and constituency see the beauty we support from a special and current perspective. ▸SPECIAL EVENTS ASSISTANT Support staff in the execution of both in-person or virtual special events. ▸STEWARDSHIP: TRAILS AND ACCESS CREW Provide stewardship support to Big Sur Land Trust stewardship staff. The work of stewardship trails and access crew focuses on the maintenance of roads, trails, and buildings, the strengthening of ecological integrity and resilience of the land, and improving the visitor’s experience. ▸STEWARDSHIP: RESTORATION CREW Focus on land restoration and support of the healthy biodiverse ecosystems encountered on Big Sur Land Trust’s conserved lands. ▸TRAIL AMBASSADOR Act as the eyes, ears, and face of Big Sur Land Trust. Trail ambassadors demonstrate the highest standard of trail etiquette and land stewardship. ▸TRAIL RUN LEADER Lead Big Sur Land Trust trail runs while educating participants about the natural landscape the run covers and the history of the property. ▸WRITER/STORYTELLER Draft stories for a range of Big Sur Land Trust communications, including the Big Sur Land Trust newsletter, e-blasts, and website. Our website is, contact email is, contact phone is (831) 625-5523

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