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San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium

Due Date: 2025-07-31T21:00:00.000Z
We provide leadership and fosters innovation to improve community health. San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium has grown to represent 12 such member clinics, operating from 27 sites, providing care to 112,600 patients in San Francisco’s most vulnerable neighborhoods. Today, new challenges and opportunities await. As the nation shifts increasingly to the total cost of care, accountability and integration with other health care service providers, the health centers’ model of patient-governed, patient-centered comprehensive primary care delivered in a culturally-sensitive, community-based setting must also evolve. Because each health center is independently governed to allow each to stay keenly attuned to their patients, aggregating the data to demonstrate our impact can be more challenging than fully integrated health care systems found elsewhere. If you want to apply as a volunteer, please, go to page Our website is, email is, contact phone is (415) 355-2237

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