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Search Dog Foundation

Due Date: 2026-09-03T21:00:00.000Z
OUR MISSION IS TO STRENGTHEN DISASTER RESPONSE IN AMERICA BY RESCUING AND RECRUITING DOGS AND PARTNERING THEM WITH FIREFIGHTERS AND OTHER FIRST RESPONDERS TO FIND PEOPLE BURIED ALIVE IN THE WRECKAGE OF DISASTERS. We are extending our volunteer hours to include closing shifts in and around the Canine Pavilion. This will include : cleaning the prep kitchen, checking that treats are made for the following day, laundry is folded, removing water buckets from vehicles, wipe out crates ,poop pickup and other end of day tasks. Volunteers play a crucial role here at SDF. Not only do they share our passion for Strengthening Disaster Response in America, they assist our staff in a variety of ways. Although the majority of our volunteers do not work directly with Search Dogs and we cannot facilitate volunteer Search Teams, your love and passion for helping animals will directly benefit our canine candidates—past, present and future. We have opportunities all around our campus as well as remotely: Special Events Thank You calls and letter Office Work Outdoor Maintenance Dog food preparation and clean up in our Canine Pavilion Please send all inquiries to or go to our website,, and fill out and submit a volunteer application. Our website is, contact email is, contact phone is (805) 646-1015

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