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We provide a safe, structured and positive environment for young people after school, during holidays and summer vacation. Our programs provide children a place to learn, play, explore, and build new skills designed to instill in each child a belief in their future success, personal responsibility, and a sense of community outreach. We offer tutoring, as well as programming in the areas of character development and leadership, health and life skills, education/career development, sports and fitness, and the arts all for only $10 per child per year. To accomplish its purpose, BOYS & GIRLS CLUB OF PLACER COUNTY provides programs and services tailored to the special needs of today’s youth and supplementary to the endeavors of families, our schools, and other community-based organizations. We are regularly seeking assistance for the following projects. Contact us to get started. Power Hour Working alongside members as they focus on homework Bright Spot Reading Room Reading to members and creating a peaceful environment Sports Exciting members through healthy competition and building skills with their bodies Cooking Safely instructing members on how to cook and make healthy habits Arts & Crafts Helping members express themselves through mixed media If you want to apply as a volunteer, please, go to page Our website is, contact email is, contact phone is (530) 889-227

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