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Clear Skies Ranch

Due Date: 2025-10-02T21:00:00.000Z
We care about animals. Clear Skies Ranch provides a safe, nurturing community in which we support and inspire individuals in their reentry and recovery from a substance use disorder, or incarceration, to transform themselves and assist them to assimilate and integrate back into the community as productive, service-driven individuals as they effectively pursue and achieve their goals and aspirations. We assist them with work experience and skills training on a small ranch facility with rescued animals creating an environment of true equality and equity. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities at Clear Skies Ranch. Volunteers who are interested in working with our animals are always welcome. Volunteers would be working with a horse, donkey, 2 goats, lots of dogs, chickens and rabbits. If you want to apply as a volunteer, please, go to page Our website is, email is, contact phone is 818-269-1128

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