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Helping People: A Personal Journey of Overcoming Anxieties and Finding Purpose

Alexander Levshenko
Helping People: A Personal Journey of Overcoming Anxieties and Finding Purpose

Helping people has always been a fundamental part of my life, but it wasn’t until I faced my own anxieties and problems that I truly understood the transformative power of helping others.

The Journey of Overcoming Anxieties Through Helping Others

When I was struggling with anxiety, I found that helping others was a way to distract myself from my own worries. By focusing on someone else’s needs, I was able to shift my perspective and gain a sense of control over my own life. Whether it was volunteering at a local shelter or simply lending a listening ear to a friend in need, each act of kindness helped alleviate my anxiety and gave me a renewed sense of purpose.

Finding Purpose and Meaning

As I continued to help others, I began to realize that my actions were not just benefiting those I was helping, but also myself. I found a sense of purpose and meaning in helping people, knowing that I was making a positive impact on the world around me. Helping others became more than just a way to cope with my anxieties – it became a way of life.

The Impact of Helping People on Mental Health

Research has shown that helping others can have significant benefits for mental health. Acts of kindness release feel-good hormones like oxytocin and serotonin, which can reduce stress and improve mood. Additionally, helping others can provide a sense of connection and belonging, which are crucial for mental well-being.

Practical Tips for Getting Started

If you’re interested in helping others but don’t know where to start, here are some practical tips:

  • Start small: Look for opportunities to help those around you, whether it’s volunteering at a local charity or simply offering a helping hand to a neighbor in need.
  • Be present: Sometimes, all people need is someone to listen to them. Practice active listening and show empathy towards others.
  • Set boundaries: While helping others is important, it’s also essential to take care of yourself. Set boundaries and know when to say no if you’re feeling overwhelmed.


In conclusion, helping people has been a transformative experience for me. It has not only helped me overcome my own anxieties but has also given me a sense of purpose and meaning. I encourage everyone to take a step towards helping others, as it not only benefits those in need but also contributes to your own mental well-being.