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Project concept
We are developing a service that makes it possible to provide help to each other nearby. Each of us can face a difficult situation. Each of us is able to help someone nearby.
Why "Help Is Nearby"?
We often need help this week or even today. Often we are ready to help others, but don't have enough time to do so. Clean Karma allows you to help nearby without spending much time. Now, helping isn't a special event. You can even help on the way to work or during a break.
Clean Karma is a non-profit charitable organization. We are developing the idea of help without being limited to a specific area, such as a natural disaster or cancer, or something global, such as an earthquake. And our Web application should help people find mutual help.
We have implemented the first stage. Clean Karma website is developed and is functioning. Next, we need to inform the communities and the media about our project. We will develop support service. We are going to continue developing and maintaining the site.
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